@DiannaAgron Yesterday, on set. Desert life. @HEADLOCK_MOVIE

loganpolish Time to get serious😛✌️with @diannaagron and@mark_polish / dad #headlockthemovie


"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (cover)" by Bootstraps

I need a man who’ll take a chance on a love that lasts hot enough to last 

Isolation + Kate Beckett in Always
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #7 


#markpolish and #loganpolish on set of @headlock_movie . Director/future director. Who’s that lurking in the BG?? @diannaagron !!!


I wanna be

where the people are


"A day with Sidney and Jessica" - Love at First Site Movie

Orphan Black Comic Books.

Coming 2015 (x)


Happy bday to me!!

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They are  t i m e l e s s .

The questions asked in Sarah Manning’s interrogation scene weren’t scripted. Graeme gave vocal coach John Nelles a list of questions to ask Tatiana, and her answers were improvised. This method provided a very surprising and moving scene for everyone – including Tatiana

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